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Every now and again, I hope to use the John Larroquette Project to direct people to other internet sites or blogs that I really enjoy.

My friend Pete lives out in LA and works for a show currently on the WB network. This is a moderately interesting-sounding profession that has allowed him to meet some cool people. Pete recently told me about his friend who has a blog called The Sneeze. I checked it out, and it’s probably the most consistantly entertaining blog I’ve come across on the web. His style is incicisive and sometimes a bit crude, but entertainingly bizarre and suprisingly well-researched.

Click here for my personal favorite article from The Sneeze!

In other news, my workplace has recently added some holiday decorations. At first, the decorations were limited to some paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and a few innocuous red bows hanging from cubicle walls.

However, they’ve now taken it upon themselves to include a few beligerant decorations in the area immediately surrounding my cube. So now I’ve got a huge tissue-paper Christmas tree and about 800 silver balloons floating in my immediate vicinity that I have to look at all day. The silver balloons are particularly annoying as they keep reflecting light back at me and it’s distracting.

I think I need to find whoever thought that this would boost holiday spirit around this place and punch them right in their fat mouth. Then, as that person lurches forward, bleeding from their mouth and moaning haggardly, they would hopefully fall right into the column of balloons and maybe one of the ballons would pop and fly down their throat, choking them to death in an darkly ironic display of death by holiday cheer.

Happy holidays to all of you!

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4 Responses to Good Stuff

  1. Geof says:

    Peter, in response, you should lower all of Accounting’s desk chairs.

    After all, we know that Accounting and Marketing are always responsible for the foopy corporate rah-rah BS.

  2. Adam says:

    Kelly would be ver sad that you don’t like her paper Christmas tree.

  3. Geof says:

    Re: the link: Wow, I really did just about throw up in my mouth.

    Of course, I was laughing at the time, so it would’ve all come out.

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