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Haircut Fun

Getting a haircut used to be a strange experience for me. For about 4 years, I got it cut by a guy named Bill who worked at the college I went to. I went there mostly out of convenience, I had basically had the same haircut from kindergarten until about 8 months ago, and it was something Bill could handle. Continue reading

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What the hell is going on outside?! I’m a lifelong Minnesotan, but even that left me sadly ill-equipped to deal with the weather this morning. The wind chill was listed at -40, but there I was, walking from my car … Continue reading

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The Awkward Tinkle

First off, I need to commend The Sneeze for another amazing entry: Click here to play The Sneeze’s FREAKY FRANKS!!! Now on to the business at hand. My love of awkward situations has been well chronicled through the years, but … Continue reading

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Good Boys and Girls

My bosses are trying out a new system to encourage their workers. They made a huge cloth racetrack and hung it on one of the walls, and all us employees get a little matchbox car with some velcro stuck on … Continue reading

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Bellower of Fortune

On Saturday night, I was enjoying myself at a party. Between conversations, I observed the typically illogical party dynamics that often hamper those sorts of events. For instance, when I arrived everybody was clustered in a small sitting room. There … Continue reading

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“Were you just eating a raccoon?”

Pete Dirksen is one of my best friends – he’s a guy I’ve known since high school and we’ve remained close friends ever since. Today I’m going to blog about my friend, and celebrate the fact that he’s going to … Continue reading

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