“Were you just eating a raccoon?”

Pete Dirksen is one of my best friends – he’s a guy I’ve known since high school and we’ve remained close friends ever since. Today I’m going to blog about my friend, and celebrate the fact that he’s going to be on TV tonight.

I asked him if he had a photo of himself that I could use for this post, and he insisted on using his senior picture, which is typically strange for him.

Peter "Racoon Mouth" Dirksen

Pete and I met in a video production class, and we each pursued that passion in different ways through the years. I continued to study video production throughout college, and now I get to direct Rock TV. Pete studied film in college, and made a couple of short student films, one of which was actually pretty amazing. It was the story of an old fisherman who befriends a wild ape before their differences sadly tear them apart. Pete asked Niles and I to contribute a song to the film, and so we wrote one called Monkey See, Monkey Do, featuring emotional lyrics like:
“Monkey see, monkey do
No one’s quite as happy as me and you
Monkey see, monkey do
I’m going banannas over you

Someday maybe the Pope will find out
And we’ll get locked in the barn”

That film somehow ended up at a marijuana enthusiast’s website, and it can be viewed here.

After college, Pete went out to LA to pursue a career in film and television. He has worked in varying capacities for a few different WB sitcoms, and this year he’s been doing work on a show called “What I Like About You”, starring Jenny Garth from 90210.

Recently, the writers were working on an episode (that will be airing tonight) where a male character gets hired to work at Abercrombie & Fitch, but is asked to work without a shirt on. Pete works with the writers and he got the idea in his head that it would be funny to show up for a writing meeting without a shirt on. Now, like a lot of us, the shirtless look isn’t particularly flattering for him, but he went ahead and did it anyway. He got a call that the writers wanted to ask him something, so he went down to the writing room and walked in without his shirt on. The writers loved it – it got a huge laugh out of them.

Turns out that they had a small one-line role in tonight’s episode that they wanted to give to him because they enjoyed his sense of humor and they thought he could handle it. In fact, he might end up getting a small recurring role if things break right for him, but we’ll see.

So tonight Pete will be on the WB’s What I Like About You airing at 7:30 central. He told me that his appearance comes about 5 minutes into the show. Hopefully if you end up watching, you’ll laugh a little.

P.S. Sorry for the relatively joke-free nature of this post. If you’re looking for a good laugh, Pete emailed me a copy of a senior picture that I took with my friend Jason. Here it is…
Oh My...

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10 Responses to “Were you just eating a raccoon?”

  1. karlquick says:

    Thank God you grew up Peter!

  2. Geof says:

    Amen to that.

  3. MJ says:

    That film was funny, do you know if I can get the soundtrack anywhere?

  4. peter says:

    Yeah, those high school days were pretty grim for me.

    As far as that soundtrack goes, maybe Welmore Mile will pull that song out of the ashes someday :)

  5. Rhonda says:

    nice picture.

  6. MJ says:

    Let’s see…. I know Peter, who knows Pete Dirksen, who’s on a show with Jenny Garth, who was on 90210 with Luke Perry, who was in a movie with Ashley Judd, who…..arg I can’t get to Kevin Bacon within 6 degees of separation. Someone help.

  7. Alexis says:

    Nice Photo!!!!

  8. peter says:

    Last year Pete worked on a show called “Maybe It’s Me” featuring Fred Willard (from Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, etc.)

    So here you go:
    1.MJ to Peter Welle
    2.Peter Welle to Pete Dirksen
    3.Pete Dirksen to Fred Willard
    4.Fred Willard to Bruno Kirby (in Spinal Tap)
    5.Bruno Kirby to Robert DeNiro (in Godfather II)
    6.Robert Deniro to Kevin Bacon (in Sleepers)


  9. I never looked as good as you in my entite life!

  10. MJ says:

    Yes, yes, yes, My life is finally complete! This missing puzzle piece has been found! Now I can die.

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