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Kings of the Domestic Dispute

One of my favorite methods of joking around is to take an unusual premise and stretch it until it has gone beyond all reason or logic and into the realm of the sublimely insane. My old friend Chris Brenna and … Continue reading

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Damn you, Billy Ray Cyrus

Let me regale you with the tale of the worst job I’ve ever had. When I was 14, I signed up to be a part of a city-sponsored program called the Youth Employment Project (YEP). We would get assigned odd … Continue reading

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Hugely Biased Reviews

My brother Patrick is one of the funniest people I know. His humor is very dry and never obvious – always displaying a level of complexity and strangeness to it that makes it continually rewarding. He’s part of an improv … Continue reading

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The Awkard Botch

A few weeks back, I began what I hoped would be a regular feature on The John Larroquette Project called Awkward Moments. My first entry on this topic was devoted to the Awkward Tinkle. Today’s is called Awkwardly Botching a … Continue reading

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Uncle Pete’s Proven Personals

Lonely? Looking for love? Uncle Pete’s got the solution for you! Some see internet personal ads as an unpleasant or ineffective way to find a spouse. I disagree – I believe that no greater way of finding love has ever … Continue reading

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A few months ago I downloaded AIM onto my computer in a futile attempt to help make my boring days at work somewhat more bearable. Before AIM, I would spend my free time at work obsessively cleaning my glasses and … Continue reading

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