Kings of the Domestic Dispute

One of my favorite methods of joking around is to take an unusual premise and stretch it until it has gone beyond all reason or logic and into the realm of the sublimely insane.

My old friend Chris Brenna and I used to have a really strange joke that we would do that exemplified this principle. We’d be hanging out in my basement, and my brother had a little crappy handheld video game that used to sit around down there. It was a volleyball game called Kings of the Beach.

Kings of the Beach

For some reason, we would regularly play-act a slow-boiling domestic dispute triggered by Kings of the Beach. I would be playing the game, and it would go something like this:

Chris: “Hey Pete, do you want to go upstairs?”
Me: *silence, concentrating on the game*
Chris: “I was thinking maybe we could go on a walk or something?”
Me: “uhhh……hold on a minute…”
Chris: “Can you set that game down for a moment?”
Me: “I’m playing Kings of the Beach here, Chris.”
Chris: “I can see that you’re playing Kings of the Beach, but can you set it down for a second and look at me?”
Me: “I’m almost done.”
Chris: “We never do anything fun anymore! You’re always playing Kings of the Beach!”
Me: “Look! I love Kings of the Beach, okay? It’s really fun and exciting!”
Me: “Unlike you.”
Chris: “You play Kings of the Beach so much and you always ignore me now! I hate Kings of the Beach!”
Me: “SHUT UP! You don’t know anything about Kings of the Beach! You never leave me alone anymore!”

*Chris leaves the room sobbing*

-The End-

You see? It’s hilarious, isn’t it?

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7 Responses to Kings of the Domestic Dispute

  1. Adam says:

    That reminds me of my relationship with NHL 94 and my mother.

  2. peter says:

    lol – oh to have been a fly on the wall during Adam’s adolescence.

  3. MJ says:

    I would rather have been a fly in his soup, I rather enjoy eating while being entertained.

  4. Burt Reynolds says:

    I am proud to say I have personally seen this event reenacted (when Peter had auditioned for one of my films)!
    Quality stuff, guys.

  5. SillyJoe says:

    lol…if only i could see it live.

  6. Keith says:

    Wow. So Burty here visits your blog, too, eh?

  7. Burt Reynolds says:

    Burt loves to visit blogs. It’s his favorite pastime. One of his others is to speak in the third person. :)

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