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Pete Townshend: Pissed Off At His Nose

Pete Townshend has got to be just about my favorite musician of all time. He is an intelligent, romantic, ugly, angry man who channels all these things through his amazing songs and his guitar which in his hands becomes a … Continue reading

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Change Password

I’m so sick and tired of changing my password. My computer at work prompts me to update my password every few weeks, and it requires that my new password be different from my previous 12 passwords. Can somebody tell me … Continue reading

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The Lucy Storm

It’s starting to feel like spring around the Twin Cities. For the past 4 or 5 days, the weather has been warmer, we got our first rainfall of the year, and people are excited. And tomorrow, the forecast calls for … Continue reading

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Reliant Love

When I was 16, I started dating this girl, let’s call her Susan B. Anthony. I don’t think that she and I had much in common – we were each vaguely attracted to one another, and she asked me to … Continue reading

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EELS: Rocking the Underbite

One of my favorite bands in the world is the EELS. They’re an odd little group fronted by a curious man who calls himself E. E writes songs about the underdogs in life, and he clearly views himself as one … Continue reading

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The Eternal Words of Jeff Levin

I was recently looking through my yearbook from my senior year of high school and I had to chuckle. Everything that seemed so important to me back then feels utterly irrelevant to me as an adult. The dances, the homecoming … Continue reading

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