Reliant Love

When I was 16, I started dating this girl, let’s call her Susan B. Anthony. I don’t think that she and I had much in common – we were each vaguely attracted to one another, and she asked me to the Sno-Daze dance. That night after the dance, we had nothing better to do than sit in my Plymouth Reliant and make out for 4 hours.

Now, even at age 16, I was a large individual. I was probably about 6’4″ and tipping the scales at 220 or 230. The Plymouth Reliant, while being a fine steed of an automobile, is not renowned for it’s luxurious spaciousness.

So Susan B. Anthony and I parked my steady Reliant in her driveway. We didn’t have much to say. We were 16 years old and horny. What better plan than to make out for hours on end, uncomfortably wedged in the front two seats, with the armrest and parking brake hopelessly tangled in a mess of legs and torsos. Romantic? Not at all. Satisfying? Not particularly. Awesome? You’d better believe it.

This was a pattern that we repeated for the monthlong duration of our high school love affair. During this, I learned about makeout-time, when time progresses at 3 times faster than non-makout-time. I remember putting a 90 minute cassette in my tape deck, leaning over to kiss her, and then the tape finishing up.

I have fond memories of this awkward, fairly pointless relationship. We didn’t waste time having “sincere conversations” or “learning each other’s last names”. We just went for it and made out. What else is there when you’re 16?

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13 Responses to Reliant Love

  1. Matt says:

    Dude, I need to ask you a serious question:
    Last night on KARE 11’s 10 o’clock news, they did a brief story on the capitol rallies that happened yesterday. It was brief, but I could swear I saw you among the attenders. There was this tall guy with a blue plaid, jeans, and a backwards hat who looked suspiciously Peter-like. It was only for a second, but I’m still left wondering, “Could it be?” Please confirm or deny…

  2. peter says:

    Matt, it was not me.

    When I wear hats, I wear them properly. :)

  3. Adam says:

    Peter, this story was hilarious. Michaela would be proud of you.

    Michaela<—— who is making out as we speak.

  4. Geof says:


    I had no idea that you had a Reliant. I had an Aries. Was your Reliant a K variant?

  5. peter says:

    Yes Geof, it was a K-Car.

  6. Jamie says:


    FYI for next time

    the back seat is much more spacious, and no parking break

  7. MJ says:

    Making out is rad, especially when you’ve got your awesome mix tape in.

  8. alisa says:

    Jamie, I dont know who you are but you made me laugh.

  9. Susan says:

    I concur with Jamie… uh… not that I would know… or anything…

  10. It’s great, those high school car makeout moments.

    I wish I could go back to highschool knowing what I know now. :-)

  11. scott says:

    what a great story. and a K car, that’s awesome. and now i’ll just throw a random ! in since i didn’t use one on the previous two statements. !

  12. Jamie says:


    you know what is cool about the internet? I can just click on your name and I know you like Sara Groves and coffee and Jesus and yada yada yada, and its like we are BFF already.

    I really need a blog I think….

  13. alisa says:

    Jamie, I dont know if thats cool or creepy. ;)

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