Pete Townshend: Pissed Off At His Nose

Pete Townshend has got to be just about my favorite musician of all time. He is an intelligent, romantic, ugly, angry man who channels all these things through his amazing songs and his guitar which in his hands becomes a machine gun of sound.

White Jumpsuit

One of my favorite things about his best work, both solo and with The Who, is that is has virtually no appeal to women whatsoever. His music is the sound of frustration, of being misunderstood, of being ordinary, and unable to communicate with girls. His songs are very open and honest while musically thundering and complex. His early songs were about the pain of adolescence and his confessional style continued through the years to document his drug and alcohol addictions in the 70’s.

Today, he is still playing some remarkably fierce guitar with The Who, and his songs still have all those great qualities.

Old Townshend Windmill

I picked up their new greatest hits album today, and it featured a couple brand new songs on it. One of them was called “Real Good Looking Boy”, and I couldn’t help but smile and be affected by it, rembering growing up and wanting so badly to be cool. I think that part of the reason why the song touched me the way it did has something to do with where I’m at in life at this point, but the song really hit close to home for me in a great way.

When I think back to the
first time in my childhood
When I saw that face
I thought right then,
‘That’s a real good looking boy.’

I saw myself in the mirror
in profile for the first time
I thought,
‘Hey! That’s a real good looking boy’

So I went to my mother
I said,
‘Hey mom – take look at me’
Have you ever seen a teen
Fly so high?

That’s a real good looking boy

She said,
‘Son, well, you know,
you’re an ugly boy.
You don’t really look like him.

In this long line
There’s been some real strange genes
You’ve got ‘em all
With some extras thrown in

That’s a real good looking boy

Now I’m here with you little darling
And you say, ‘You’re beautiful as you are’
And I’ve managed somehow to survive

You arrived in my life like a fragrance
And helped me find a way to laugh
And I know now so-called beauty lies

God gave me a face
Then he gave me something above
God gave me grace
Then he gave me your sweet, sweet, sweet love

You make me feel like a real good looking boy
I feel like a real good looking boy
That’s a real good looking boy

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11 Responses to Pete Townshend: Pissed Off At His Nose

  1. Oh, Pete Townsend saved my life.

    I LOVE Pete Townsend. But you’re right, none of my gal pals like him at all.

  2. MJ says:

    Who were not on MSNBC list of top ten alltime bands, but U2 were # 3. U2 deserves a blog from ya.

  3. david says:

    MSNBC can suck it, cause the who are amazing. i love pete, and entwistle, too, since i’m a bassist (wannabe).

  4. MJ says:

    suck what? what is it?

  5. Susan says:

    Wow- you are so wrong. I am a 41 year old woman and I have loved Pete Townshend since I bought the original Tommy in 1974 after seeng the movie.
    I am so glad I bought the original…it was then that I realized that Pete was the brains/creative force behind the Who. (But it was Roger that reeled me in – I saw Tommy at least 5 times when it first came out).
    I really fell for Pete when Empty Glass came out – and he has mentioned that that’s when he started attracting female fans – when his softer, feminine side was revealed.
    But I still dug the Who as a teenager…and I’m not a dyke or anything! My girlfriends couldn’t quite grasp the attraction though!
    Anyone who appreciates music (and I love all forms except for C & W)will enjoy the Who and Pete. I don’t care if he sings about his frustration…and why can’t girls be frustrated? Who wrote that rule?

  6. Victoria says:

    I love Pete Townshend and his vioce. His vioce is very soft and romantic. He is also very sexy in my opinion. I really don’t care what people think about him and his nose. He is very cute and wonderful. Rock on Pete!!

  7. jody says:

    So wrong about Pete not having any appeal to women…I am a
    56 yr old woman who has been listening to the Who and knows every bit of Townshends solo work… his lyrics, his pain, his plaintive voice have always touched my soul and his music will always be personal to me, no matter how many records he sells to the rest of the world…also, if you ever have the pleasure of watching him perform in concert….the old Pete is still in there…yes, of course the windmills are still great, I miss the jumps and his maniacal dances, but his perfomances always trigger the memories and visuals of years and concerts gone by….and he almost always makes reference to Keith and sadly now to John every time I have seen him perform…Long live rock, hope I die before I get old, and Pete to me you ARE a real good looking boy!!! I adore your nose, and have a larged framed photo of you in my living room that stares back at me every day!!

  8. Prudence says:

    I’m 19 and I think he’s the sexiest thing since Elvis! I’ve adored The Who since I was a little girl, and now that i’m older I can honestly say, he’s HOT. He and The Beatles are what made me want to move to England! Yuuuuuuh-meeeeeee!!

  9. cos says:

    I have always liked mr townshend, why dose he not get a nose job ? jews traditionally are very into self mutilation/correction (ie circumcision). he should just get over it like they do in america.

  10. Behind Blue Eyes says:

    Ahahah. I love that man’s nose. Plus, ever since I was about 9 and discovered The Who’s music, it’s been making me feel better about my slightly large nose. Pete isn’t exactly beautiful, but he has his own sort of attractivness. But who gives a damn if the man’s not conventionally handsome? Personally, brains, creativity and the sort of emotion he posesses are enough to make me swoon (plus, his drop dead gorgeous blue eyes don’t hurt).

  11. Sally Simpson says:

    i think Pete Townshend is incredibly handsome now and throughout his career. He’s gone from being adorable and shy to a very sexy man. Not to mention his charisma, amazing talent and perfect voice. The man is a genius and a hero to millions!

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