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Grass Baths

Is there any better fragrance at this time of year than the smell of freshly mowed grass? As I left my work building for my lunchbreak yesterday, they were mowing the lawn and when I smelled those blades of grass … Continue reading

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Throwing Them Off The Scent

There’s a girl who I work with who won’t leave me alone. This girl (who we’ll call “B”) insists on getting my attention somehow every time she passes by my cubicle, which averages about 25 or 30 times a day, … Continue reading

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The End of French’s Era

Is it now safe to say that the French Stewart era in American comedy is over? His amazing work in Inspector Gadget 2 (or IG2, as the teaser posters so preposterously put it) and Home Alone 4 notwithstanding, it seems … Continue reading

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The Teamaster

Tonight my Anthropology class will have the pleasure of watching me talk out of my butt for 30 minutes. I have two presentations to give this week. One of them is this Thursday in my graduate class, and one of … Continue reading

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The Bearded Duke

I’m really bad at shaving. For some reason, I’ve never really seemed to be able to shave properly. Either I cut myself or I miss a spot, or I’ll avoid both of those pratfalls while still experiencing horrible pain. It … Continue reading

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Shoe Statements

I was listening to the radio yesterday morning, and they were talking about the results of a recent survey of what women notice about men. About 60% of women reported that the first thing they notice about a man is … Continue reading

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