JLP Oppression

So I got in to work this morning, and checked the blog only to see that our friend “Dumb Things at Amazon” has crammed the comments box full of more delightfully irrelevant, pointless links.

I took a moment to delete them, but I never felt too annoyed. It would be one thing if this guy were trying to sell something, or if he had a point. No, he just felt it necessary to visit the John Larroquette Project and post 6 links to semi-obscure items on Amazon.com. He also included a few references to our Bill of Rights conversation, when he complained about his civic freedoms being opressed and I reminded him that the 1st Amendment doesn’t necessarily protect speech on my website. He can start his own blog of funny Amazon links, and write about whatever the hell he wants to. Clearly such a site would be overwhelmingly popular and draw a fanatical response. He might even get a girlfriend out of the deal, but probably not.

I thought about leaving a couple of his comments in and responding to them in a reasonable tone, like I did last time, but I quickly realized that it wouldn’t be worth it. If the guy had a perspective or opinion, then it’d probably be worthwhile to open a dialogue with him, but this guy wanted to use the forum to litter the site with pointless links that weren’t funny or interesting in the least. That’s some fun existance, let me tell you. Really putting your energies to good use there. He’s angry without reason. He’s belligerant without purpose. He’s setting himself up as a first amendment martyr without any understanding of the spectrum and scope of the Constitution.

Sorry this isn’t particularly funny today, I guess I’m just feeling a bit bothered at the moment. Some might say that it’d be good to take a deep breath and then go back to penning a bizarre rant about Oregon Trail or something. However, I thought it would be more interesting to publicly bitch about this guy for a few minutes and then have it be stored in perpetuity on this website. Seems like the prudent choice to me.

I would also like to note for the permanent record that right now, at 7:36am CST on June 30th, 2004, I’m wearing olive-colored pants and that my left elbow itches. I ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I will investigate whether my choice of breakfast cereals is connected with the dry, itchy skin on my elbows. Let the record also reflect that I didn’t shower this morning, for time efficiency reasons, and that I likely have a cavity, as my tooth has become very sensitive in recent weeks.

Okay now, where was I?

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9 Responses to JLP Oppression

  1. dave says:

    Random Linky Comment Guy is probably just crying out for help. Or a beating. I’m not sure which.

  2. Roger says:

    His life is fulfilled now that he has an entire post about him.

    That and your frosted, flaky elbow.

  3. Geof says:

    Actually, he’s trying to spam your site with comments so that he can sell a few more items.

    Ignore the comments and delete them as they come in. Comment spamming is a problem with any Weblog that’s been around enough and linked enough to have a Google PageRank above 3 or so.

    GFM <– is unsurprised that the JLP is having this issue

  4. MJ says:

    Peter, you have reached new heights of popularity, you may actually have a cyber stalker. You are THE man, ….oh by the way Bridget seems very nice, why is she with you again…..?

  5. Itchy Feet says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if you succeeded in putting him in his place, or if he’ll now feel egged on and start posting garbase again. It does boggle the mind as to how someone could end up becoming a serial Annoyer. Do they have some dark seeded past that maybe lead them down that road to craving negative attention? Maybe when he was a young boy he had older sisters that would dress him up in girl clothes, and put makeup on him. Then march him up and down the street for all the neighborhood to see. Perhaps this is why he hides out seeking only Annonomous attention.

    Then again it’s probably some 8 year kid who just discover the interent, and was so blown away by the incredible deals at Amazon, that he felt obligated to do a quick search for a way to inform John Larroqutte of the Bargains he had found.

    Or maybe it’s one of Peter’s EX friends (He probably has a lot of enemies) exacting their revenge, but since they are no match for Peter’s superior intelligent Humor, they have resorted to finding the one thing that can actually get under his skin. Annoyance with Alienation.

  6. Adam says:

    Hey Peter, welcome to work (I don’t see you) and to the world of blog idiots. I’ve had my fair share with the anti-Rick Warren crowd.

  7. peter says:

    Yeah, I did that as well. Good stuff, that IP blocker.

  8. the Sage says:

    This is a link to every book on Amazon.com. There. We’ve taken care of that, and now Annoying Linky Guy can move on.

  9. peter says:

    :) Thank you, Sage! You are truly wise.

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