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So I got home last night, and opened my paycheck to find that I had been paid $6.43 for my last two weeks of work. To be fair, my gross pay was $10.75, before ol’ Uncle Sam got his grubby … Continue reading

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Somebody needs to explain to me what has happened with Steven Tyler’s face Did he just Botox the hell out of it? Is that a lift? Did he go into the plastic surgeon’s office and ask to be given the … Continue reading

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Dread, etc.

This afternoon, Jon Gilmore and I will get into the car and head down to a Welmore Mile show. This is no ordinary show, however. We will not be playing in a coffee shop to an audience of lonely boys … Continue reading

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If you’re anything like me, you’re concerned that your food doesn’t resemble your cleaning supplies closely enough. Fortunately, now we can purchase crustless bread from Iron Kids! Oftentimes, when I’m cleaning the bathroom, I will look fondly at the sponge … Continue reading

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Last night, I gathered with some close friends to view the awesome splendor of Cannonball Run II. It’s not often in life when you experience an evening that forever changes the way you feel about your place in the universe, … Continue reading

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Salubriously Exubriant

There are many strange ways that I amuse myself throughout the day. Some days, I scavenge for interesting blogs, some days I do homework, and on days like yesterday, I stay busy by seeing how high I can count. One … Continue reading

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