Salubriously Exubriant

There are many strange ways that I amuse myself throughout the day. Some days, I scavenge for interesting blogs, some days I do homework, and on days like yesterday, I stay busy by seeing how high I can count.

One of my favorite ways to keep my mind occupied is to start with a verb or adjective of choice, and then try to think of humorously inappropriate adverbs. Though this sounds lame, I can confidently assure you that it is the most exhilarating, enthralling activity in the history of mankind.

Some examples:

Gently murdered -The original, and maybe still the best example of this
Haggardly demure
Pleasantly ablaze
Frantically napped -I enjoy picturing what this would look like
Violently fertile -I have absolutely no idea what this means, but it amuses me
Refreshingly satanic -This applies to many of my activities after church on Friday night

And my personal favorite, from my old friend Chris Brenna:
Gallantly raped – I love trying to envision a scenario where this occurs

Any other suggestions?

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10 Responses to Salubriously Exubriant

  1. *tami* says:

    ah… the wonderful world of oxymorons. how about my college pastor’s favorite: military intelligence.

  2. peter says:

    Adverbs, Tami! We need adverbs!

  3. Dirty Old Man says:

    awkwardly supple?
    happily preturbed?
    dangerously endowed?

    (Is this game supposed to make you feel like a dirty old man?)

  4. peter says:

    awkwardly supple… I enjoy that one quite a bit.

    It describes my father.

  5. Geof says:

    I have frantically napped. It’s awesome.

    strenuously relaxed.
    painfully calm.
    blessedly deviant.

  6. Sarah says:

    Brilliantly stunk….no I wasn’t referring to the blog ;o)
    Word games rule! They are annoyingly irresistible!!!

  7. Dirty Old Man says:

    I just thought of another one…

    conveniently flamboyant

    It reminds me of one of my friends and also the word buoy.

  8. *tami* says:

    my bad! i never was very good at following directions. how about

    scantily perturbing
    silently deadly
    creamily sorrowful


  9. peter says:

    Creamily sorrowful. That’s going to seriously affect my dreams tonight. Creepy.

    Well done, Tami.

  10. Roger says:

    Grudgingly urinating

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