Somebody needs to explain to me what has happened with Steven Tyler’s face


Did he just Botox the hell out of it? Is that a lift? Did he go into the plastic surgeon’s office and ask to be given the face of a demon? I need answers, and I need them quickly because the hideousness of his new face has kept me awake for the past few nights. His unnatural eyes stare back at me in my nightmares, beckoning me to join them in Hades. Clearly Joe Perry and Roger Daltrey aren’t too pleased about having to stand so close to him, either. You can see the dread and discomfort behind their stiff smiles. My guess is that moments after the photo was taken, Daltrey vomited in utter disgust at Tyler’s appearance.

And then there’s this picture:

I'm not happy about this at all

Is it just me, or did the plastic surgeon also seem to provide Tyler with a pair of small breasts? He probably put them in after realizing how badly he botched Tyler’s face, and figured that he’d just go all the way in attempting to create a body so revolting that a series of natural disasters might come about because of it. I’m serious, I wouldn’t doubt it if somebody told me that his new disgusting face and figure caused a tsunami wave to obliterate a small Pacific island. Pete Townshend looks like Brad Pitt compared with him.

I’m warning all of you right now, if Steven Tyler and Joan Rivers were to make out with each other the universe would collapse in upon itself and all life would cease to exist. This is known as the Omega Scenario. We must all work together to ensure that this will never occur.

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12 Responses to Demonface

  1. lauren says:

    he looks like a woman now, so i guess they figured they should give him breasts too. maybe all this time he’s really been a woman and he just forgot to take his testosterone the day those were taken.

  2. *tami* says:

    i think you’re being too harsh. i’m sure you would look just as “happy” if you had a set of breasts all to yourself. i’ve often heard it said that men wouldn’t need women if they had breasts of their own.

  3. Geof says:

    Peter: Tyler got tired of pulling up his socks, so his surgeon made his face so tight that all he has to do to pull up his socks is lift his eyebrows.

    Too bad buying garters would’ve been cheaper. [I bet he got the breasts on a 2-for-1 special.]

  4. Roger says:

    Does this mean he can start relating to Michael Jackson?


  5. dave says:

    Tami said boobies.

    Isn’t Michael is too busy ‘relating’ to much younger people?

  6. mb says:

    “Dude looks like a lady”


  7. kevin sawyer says:

    I like it…

  8. ted says:

    I didn’t want to break the news early but Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler are in a competition to see who can look most like Pee Wee Herman.

  9. ted says:

    Unfortunatly Steven Tyler looks alot like his great Aunt Laura.

  10. chica_boricua says:

    Steven is weird, but not ugly. The man is old, but stills attractive. For me, he is an attractive man with a big mouth.
    You can see all his children. They are all pretty. Look at Liv Tyler, she just looks like him and she is a beautiful woman.

    He is a lot prettier than Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson, Ugh…

  11. sailor says:

    the dude is a god in music and looks, people that take the piss outa him are blown away by his mere awsomeness

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