Peter’s Children’s Book, part II

After so many of you enjoyed my last children’s book, I’d thought I’d take the time to share another one with you. Again, these were done while I was in high school on a wonderful piece of software called Dreamweaver.

Today’s story is entitled: My Weekend Adventure

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6

page 7

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11 Responses to Peter’s Children’s Book, part II

  1. Susan says:

    I don’t really care about your story, all that I care about is that YOU KNOW WHAT A BIG TOY IS!!!!

    It must be a midwestern thing :)

  2. lauren says:

    um… what’s with the naked santa in the first plat???

  3. Roger says:

    For fun, I should send you a bunch of random pictures and ask you to make a story out of them. I think that could be big in the industry these days. We could share the profits.

  4. Sarah says:

    Can’t vouch for that midwestern thing. I call it a playground. A “big toy” connotates something on a different level I’ll leave to the imagination.

    Peter, are you a searing hellfire breathing “bad luck” dragon? If so, stay the hell away from my luck dragon. i’m not that lucky and may never find one again unless Atreyu leads me through Fantasia again….

  5. obi wan says:

    Im with lauren.. why is there a skinny naked santa claus..

    of course.. peter is a dragon.. and he’s santanic.. and if you rearrange the letters in satan.. you get santa.. so maybe thats it..

    is that it peter..
    SAY that’s it peter

  6. peter says:

    A fine interpretation, although I feel that my narrative is best understood in a Marxist context…

  7. trey says:

    My mom always told me not to make any more marxist on the wall with my crayons.. because it was hard to get out…

  8. Jamie says:

    your kinda scary dude….


  9. the Sage says:

    Big Toy is a brand name. Expect to be sued.

  10. Peter, what a fantastic story! Sounds like some of my material. I look forward to more.

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