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Another Failure

I got a speeding ticket this weekend. Fricking 45 in a 30. I hadn’t been pulled over since 2000, so this was an unwelcome suprise for me , particularly since I don’t really have an “income” at the moment. I’m … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin: Man of Lies

When I’m not working or crapping out this nonsense for all of you, I’ve lately enjoyed the company of a very fine biography – Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson. Franklin’s life was quite an amazing one, filled … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Snow

I have this theory… Around this time of year, in wintery climates such as Minnesota’s, parking lots form massive collections of snow. Drive into any grocery store and you’ll find a long, 8-foot high pile of snow left there by … Continue reading

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The Flu Enchilada

Bridgette has had the flu for about a week now. She is aching, feverish, plugged up, nauseous, coughing, and unable to sleep, swallow, or breathe. I feel so bad for her, but at the same time, her illness has helped … Continue reading

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Oronoco Meat

Sorry I haven’t been posting much in the last week. My mother had surgery last week, and I never quite felt up to the level of weirdness needed to write these damn things. But time passes, and I must again … Continue reading

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Shield Your Children

Today’s entry was written by my brother. I’ve had a difficult week for some health-related reasons, and Patrick was nice enough to contribute this hilarious little nugget… MOSS TO WORLD: “I AM THE ANTICHRIST” Randy Moss is evil and he … Continue reading

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