A Brief, Uncomfortable Moment of Sincerity

On March 18th, 2004, Bridgette Herian made the fateful decision to be my best girl.

A year later, I salute her.

I salute her for putting up with the troubling meanderings of my mind. Last night, for instance, I posited this question to her: “What would your reaction be if you came into my room and caught me making out with Hitler?” Many other times I have shared tales of troubling infidelity and comic animal mutilation with her, and she just rolls with it.

Why would she put up with this, when clearly there is nothing physically, financially, or nutritionally attractive about me? I truly don’t know, but I refuse to question it. I found a girl who loves me and isn’t alienated by my terrible, hateful personality and obsession with life’s unmentionables. She doesn’t even seem to mind my irregular bathing and unnatural love of the “Beastmaster” film series.

It’s been a great year. A year I certainly don’t deserve.

Thanks, Bridgette.

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10 Responses to A Brief, Uncomfortable Moment of Sincerity

  1. Thom says:

    Congrats on the year…what about making out with Stalin?

  2. Peter, I have three words that speak to your success:

    Salted. Nut. Roll.

  3. Roger says:

    Exactly. After a salted nut roll, what’s not to love nutritionally about you?

  4. Exactly, Roger. Exactly

  5. Rachel says:

    Congratulations Peter and Bridgette!!

  6. The Kev says:

    I once got caught making out with comedian Garry Shandling… I totally freaked out, and said… “Wait… It’s not what you think. I thought he was Hitler!”.

    Then Garry and I enjoyed some muskmelon… He likes his with salt, which I don’t get… I mean, I like the sweet and salty combination, but that’s entirely arbitrary. I explained this to him, but he was implacable, and it’s not like salt is expensive. We don’t have very much in common, me and Garry.

  7. _steve says:

    Congrats guys!! :hug:

  8. Reading this lets me know there is still hope for me.

    Thank you, Peter.

    Thank you.

    *uncomfortable silence*

  9. I feel so sorry for her…

  10. erin eccles says:

    this is more directed to you since i guess i don’t know you, peter. my dear long lost friend who i know i talk to at least once a year! love you honey, and i hope all is well with you. can i get details????

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