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Kid in a Grocery Store

As I was going throught the checkout line at the grocery store yesterday, I realized that a neutral observer might be mistaken in assuming that I’m shopping for an 8-year old. I sheepishly realized that my basket was loaded with … Continue reading

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Some males, like myself, live in a world of unmarried contentedness. We eat, sleep, and defecate as we please, with little to no regard for the opinions of others. We live to please our wretched excesses, watch the Simpsons, and … Continue reading

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Perfect 4th of July

Rock TV Presents: The Perfect 4th of July

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Subway’s Betrayal

I recently heard some news that hit me like a sucker punch to the groin: Subway has discontinued the use of Subway Stamps. With the passage of this decree, America’s once bright and shining future has been replaced with a … Continue reading

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A Good Sup Gone Wrong

A troubling message from guest-blogger Kevin… Peter and I befriended each other in ought-1, two rough and tumble lads finding their way through post 9/11 life amidst pizza-pies. As our friendship grew, secrets passed back and forth, and bonds formed … Continue reading

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A Celebration!

I got a job today! Let the celebration begin! Huzzah! HUZZAH!!! Prepare the fatted calf! Bring it before me that I might hack off its head with my blade of sharpened iron! My servants will bring the flesh to be … Continue reading

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