A Good Sup Gone Wrong

A troubling message from guest-blogger Kevin…

Peter and I befriended each other in ought-1, two rough and tumble lads finding their way through post 9/11 life amidst pizza-pies. As our friendship grew, secrets passed back and forth, and bonds formed as rings around a fine tobacco-smoke. We joshed and sassed, as foolish lads are oft inclined, and the days turned into eves, weeks and years.

Then, along came fair Brdiget, her bosoms’ heaving with her dainty sighs. Alas, she took my brother’s heart, and held it under lock and key. One day, we were invited to sup at Peter’s new home, and Bridgit made a wayward comment about this or that. I called her on her foppish verbiage, and called her none other than a scurrilous whore who smelled of onions.

Young Peter, incensed at my audacity, did furnish a pistol. He deemed me a scallywag, wanton with sassifrass, and challenged me to a duel at ten paces. Haughty with spirits as I was, I accepted his challenge, and we dueled at sunrise. After seven paces, the rapacious fool did blindside me with a foul bullet, an utter cheat. His bullet pierced my kidney, and I slunk to the greeny grass in a dirge of ingnominy. “Coxcomb” I yelled be-twix’t the pulse of the bullets searing jabs. “Ye art no friend of mine. I wish you an errant codpiece!”. With that he grinned, took his fair maiden Bridgette over his shoulder, and gallantly ravished her in the woods of Eagan.

I lived to see another day… Our friendship did not…

A pox on his skullduggery…

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8 Responses to A Good Sup Gone Wrong

  1. Sarah says:

    How many different ways does Bridgette spell her name? I’ve noticed 3 in the blog alone……

    And Kevin, being full of sassifrass isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Shame on you, however, for assuming Peter would abide by the rules of dueling combat and proceed to the full 10 paces as recommended in Alexander Hamilton’s book, “How To Do Duel”. If you want to win, you can’t play by the rules.

    PS: Thanks for the utter belly laughing you’ve enabled me to engage in while reading of your epic tale. Cheers!

  2. _steve says:

    I think James K. Polk wrote this entry.

  3. kevin says:

    I don’t think Peter knows, either…

    I’m guessing “brdiget” might be a little off, though…

  4. Mustard Seed says:

    bosom.. haha… bosom.. haha… bosom.. haha…

  5. Roger says:

    Thou knave!

  6. Wouldn’t Peter have ‘brandished’ a pistol versus ‘furnished’?

    Or did he give Kevin one too?

    Color me confused.

  7. Is it bosom or bosoms? I desperately need to know. Please research and get back to me. Thanks!

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