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Horse Love

I’m in way over my head. It turns out that if I propose to a girl, I’m apparently expected to help “plan a wedding”. Unbelievable. Bridgette and I are fortunate in that she has a lot of ideas, and I … Continue reading

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On Tuesday night, I finally mustered up the courage to ask the fair Bridgette for her dainty hand in marriage. I was incredibly nervous and excited to finally pop the question, after years of dreading the day I would have … Continue reading

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My Episode III Experience

So on Wednesday night I made my way over to the Mall of America at about 9pm and got in line to see the midnight premier of Star Wars Episode III. I was the 211th person in line, along with … Continue reading

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A Detour Into Destiny

This afternoon, I saw probably the greatest thing that has ever been crafted by human hands. A massive, 10,000 pound hockey stick. Bridgette and I were passing through the fine haven of Eveleth, MN – home of the U.S. Hockey … Continue reading

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The Most Miserable Post Ever

I have the day off today. While I appreciate having a break, and I savored getting to sleep in a bit, I have a funny habit of turning these off days into a tiresome grind of backbreaking labor, depression, and … Continue reading

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4-Star Comedy!

In the theater of life, it’s good to know that one can still go out and catch a feel-good comedy now and again. A few months back, I reviewed the performance of a woman with hundreds of dead cats in … Continue reading

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