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My CPR Ripoff

You can all rest easier, because I’m now CPR certified. I had my class on Monday night, and I can now shout, “You, call 911!” with the best of them. I was a bit disappointed with the instruction, however. While … Continue reading

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The Cell Phone Story

Funny story – So back in September, aught ‘2, I was doing a load of laundry at my parents house. A few minutes after I had started the washer, I panicked and realized that I had left my cell phone … Continue reading

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Filthy Thomas

A while back, Bridgette and I were visiting with her friends Lindsay and Dan, and their two-year old son Owen. After a while, it began to smell as if Owen had made a little stink-treat for all of us, and … Continue reading

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John Adams: Antiquity’s Chubbiest Gnome

I’m currently enjoying reading historian David McCullough’s fine biography, John Adams. Like my previous examination of Ben Franklin, I’m learning a lot that I never knew before. A few noteworthy items from the life of John Adams: -Because of his … Continue reading

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eels with fratboys

So last week, Adam, Paul, and my sister all went to an eels concert, to bask in their melancholy glory. The show was billed as “eels with strings”, and it featured cigar-smoking singer/songwriter e, two backing musicians on various instruments, … Continue reading

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Pumpkin ‘Stache Sawyer

There are some turns of phrase that I don’t get the opportunity to use nearly enough. For instance, when was the last time that “hoisted by his own petard” came in to play? Or “smiling like a cheshire cat”? When … Continue reading

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