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Return to the Cabin

Warm regards to you, my closest friends. I write this now as a farewell to you. Tomorrow, I venture off into a remote Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota to stay at a cabin owned by my grandparents for the weekend. … Continue reading

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The Big Decisions

Bridgette and I are getting married this Thanksgiving weekend. In the past months, we’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions, and have some tough discussions to prepare us for what lies ahead. We’ve struggled with finances, labored over … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Adventures at Best Buy

For my birthday this year, my fiance demonstrated her love and fidelity towards me by giving me the greatest gift that any man could possibly recieve. A fat, sloppy Best Buy gift card. The next day, as I entered my … Continue reading

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Junk Yard Pun

Let me tell you folks a tale about this man: Bob Shulze is his name, and collecting massive piles of crap in his backyard is his game. From today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune Man, 88, Jailed Over Messy Backyard Robert (Jack) … Continue reading

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Mulefest ’98

I am totally exhausted. Because of some serious craziness at work, I’ve been working 11-hour shifts, doing some very difficult work for a number of days in a row. I have missed sleep, and my body aches. My spine feels … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday! The celebrations in my honor occurred over the weekend, in order to coincide with the brutal heat wave that melted 19 elderly horses in this region alone. The festivities took place in New Brighton, MN, home of … Continue reading

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