Mulefest ’98

I am totally exhausted.

Because of some serious craziness at work, I’ve been working 11-hour shifts, doing some very difficult work for a number of days in a row. I have missed sleep, and my body aches. My spine feels like it has been pummelled by truant leprechauns. The bags under my eyes look as if I have glued steamed oysters to my face. My tongue is swollen for some reason. My skin is sallow and moist. The massive level of my earwax buildup is profoundly troubling. Street dogs follow my scent and lick my skin, soothing my open wounds. I cannot remember my father’s face. I see visions of innocent dolphins being ruthlessly slaughtered by aliens and am unable to sleep. My mouth tastes of ginger. I no longer respond to my own name. For a mental picture of how I look right now, take a look at the picture of me below, remove the smile, replace the shirt with a tattered deerskin pelt, and imagine blood draining from my nipples.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Mulefest ’98

  1. Julia Welle, Building Supportive Communities Program Manager says:

    You need to report those truant leprechauns to Juvenile Justice and request that their PO refer them to Life’s Missing Link’s Truancy Intervention Program. I’ll work with their leprechaun parents – it’ll boost my ethnicity statistics.

  2. Your Sister says:

    Oh yeah, and happy belated birthday.

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