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(viking horn)

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a pre-season Vikings game at no charge, thanks to the guile and quickery of my friend Tami. Before I thank her too heartily, however, I should add that we had the second-worst seats … Continue reading

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Legion Beans

I just got back from celebrating my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary in the fine town of Royalton, MN. Actually, Royalton is really an awful, terrible crapstain on the face of central Minnesota, but that isn’t actually the point of my … Continue reading

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Apartment Animals

The other night, while packing up her things to move out of her apartment, Bridgette thought she saw a mouse run under the couch from the corner of her eye. She said she only glimpsed it for a moment, and … Continue reading

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My Suit

I’m wearing a suit today, and it feels nice. Yes, it’s good to dress up for work from time to dime. It makes me feel all dapper and sassy and crap. My suit is pressed, and tailored to fit my … Continue reading

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Lumbar Pain

My back really hurts. It feels like I was giving 400-meter piggy-back rides to the Sasquatch. It feels like the dinner table was accidentally placed atop my spine, and then a 6-course meal was served. It feels like my spine … Continue reading

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Inaccurate Rochester Memories

Good news everybody: I’m no longer living in Rochester anymore! As you’re reading this, no doubt many of you are momentarily throwing your arms into the air in celebration before thinking, “Wait, Peter was living in Rochester? Since when?” To … Continue reading

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