I’ve been taking my showers in the evenings lately.

It’s kinda nice actually. I’m not in such a rush, and it feels like I’m washing all the day’s inequities and mistakes and dead skin away. In the past, I would wake up and trudge immediately to the shower, oftentimes feeling (quite literally) like I actually didn’t wake up until midway through the experience. I would scrub and rinse rotely, often muttering inhocerently to myself, with little regard for what should be the pleasure of bathing. It’s a different story now, however.

Now that I’m showering at night, it isn’t unusual for me to spend a few hours under the love-nozzle. Last night I actually set up a TV in the tub and watched Godfather Part II in its entireity while showering. I ended up shampooing my hair probably 15 times before the really bad scalpburn set in and I had to rub some aloe in again, but by then Fredo was already dead and the movie was about over. At that point my fingers and toes looked like raisins that a cat had tried to eat but spit out after chewing them up for a while. I didn’t let it bother me though. I just ignored it, like the rest of the problems in my life.

Well, enough typing. It’s 9pm, which means that it’s about time to hit the ol’ shower again! This time I’m going to stay in there a long enough to see how high I can count!

See you when I’m done!

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  1. Thom says:

    I don’t remember any hobbits in the Godfather movies…it’s been awhile since I watched them though. maybe my memory is bad.

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