After more than a year of eye-punishing orange, yellow, and blue color schemes, the John Larroquette Project has a brand-new design! All glory and laud goes to designer Matt Terry, who with his brilliant depiction of Ben Franklin as a modern day rural demi-god has somehow perfectly encapsulated the essance of the JLP.

Gaze upon the other elements of the new artwork. Crying little Jeffy, crushed beneath nature’s random cruelty, an exploded bird, a dead cat, John Adams celebrating his birthday. It’s all there people, and for me, it’s disturbingly akin to looking into my mind’s mirror.

Thanks, Matt!

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3 Responses to Behold!

  1. Johnny LaT says:

    thank you matt…I’m still seeing orange….I better go see a doctor..

  2. Now that rules. There are some minor issues with the details of the layout, but … sweet action.

  3. kathy says:

    Thanks for using that sweet picture of the free cat. Now, even when JLP sucks I have something to smile about. No, really. I really like it. And I think you’re real neat. And stuff.

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