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Halloween ’99!

As I write this, I am in the basement of the house with my lights off. I’m sick of giving kids candy, and I don’t care anymore. These little butt-guzzlers have been ringing my doorbell all night long, and I’ve … Continue reading

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I feel so refreshed and delicious today! I am brimming with vigor and life essence! Hooray for falling back into daylight savings! I woke up an hour before I needed to this morning, as my body was still adjusting to … Continue reading

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A Blog Entry Written in 10 Minutes Before I Had to Go

Bridgette’s been having a tough time lately trying to decide on the music for her wedding processional. Canon in D is overplayed (even with the dead horse angle), and many of the other options just aren’t really standing out to … Continue reading

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Good News!

A brief news flash from my brother… NATION RELIEVED – MORE CATS TO COME by Pat Welle The nation sighed in relief Tuesday morning upon the discovery that there are yet more cats to come. This came after the grim … Continue reading

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Observations on Gum

I’m chewing gum right now. It’s pretty good. Kinda minty, but not overwhelmingly so. You know that minty gum that’s so powerful that it makes your sinuses sting? It’s not like that. This gum tastes good. It’s so easy to … Continue reading

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Review for Every Storyhill Album

Hey guys, I’ve moved this post. You can find my review for every Storyhill album here. Enjoy!

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