Observations on Gum

I’m chewing gum right now.

It’s pretty good. Kinda minty, but not overwhelmingly so. You know that minty gum that’s so powerful that it makes your sinuses sting? It’s not like that. This gum tastes good.

It’s so easy to chew gum that you don’t even really have to think about it. Just keep on chewing as long as you want. There’s some old saying about not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time but I figure that’s more of a joke, because it’s pretty easy for me.

I just switched the gum to the other side of my mouth. It feels good against the new cheek. I like to switch it around from time to time. I don’t want it to get old. It’s pretty easy to switch it over – you just use your tongue.

I’ve been chewing it for a while since I had dinner. It gives me good breath. That’s not the only reason I’m chewing gum though. I also like the feeling of it. Kinda feels like a human tendon only with less gristle (at least that’s what my dad told me).

When I was a kid I chewed big square pieces of Bubblicious, but nowdays I just like chewing regular sticks of gum. That kid-stuff is past me. Besides, I heard from somebody that the watermelon Bubblicious has poison in it. No thanks! I’ll stick with the Dentine!

Have you ever had a gumball? Those things are crazy!

Sometimes I chew Fruit Stripe gum, but the flavor goes away too quick.
15 seconds of bliss

…okay now, what was I talking about?

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4 Responses to Observations on Gum

  1. scott says:

    i hate gum. but if i had a gun to my head, i’d go with trident.

  2. Mrs Q says:

    That post reminds me of fritz henry,
    except without the spelling errors.

  3. peter says:

    Yes, I was definitely channelling my friend Pete there.

    Hence the huge laughs.

  4. Sarah says:

    You haven’t had gum until you’ve had Big League Chew or Razzles.

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