A Blog Entry Written in 10 Minutes Before I Had to Go

Bridgette’s been having a tough time lately trying to decide on the music for her wedding processional. Canon in D is overplayed (even with the dead horse angle), and many of the other options just aren’t really standing out to her.

I suggested the Rolling Stones gem, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

Yeah…that didn’t go over so well.

Oh well, I guess there’s always Manowar.

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3 Responses to A Blog Entry Written in 10 Minutes Before I Had to Go

  1. chad says:

    In your ten minutes you made me laugh.

    Thanks Peter!!

  2. Peter,

    Your blog has been a grave disappointment the past few entries. You’re fired.

    You have 15 minutes to gather your things, and securtiy will escort you out.



  3. Kevin S. says:

    You could play 2 + 2 = 5 for some reason. Might fit better with the unicorn angle.

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