Batter up!

As I write this, it is 8am on Wednesday morning. By the next time I post, I will be married.

All joking aside, that’s pretty awesome.

Deal with it. Fake flower. Water!

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14 Responses to Batter up!

  1. Uosdwis R. Jawoh says:

    So, your next post will be about how awkward the wedding night was?

  2. peter says:

    That’s assuming the wedding IS awkward, which it most certainly will be.

  3. Uosdwis R. Jawoh says:

    I didn’t say the wedding, I said the wedding NIGHT.
    Trust me. THAT will be awkward. ;)

  4. Uosdwis R. Jawoh says:

    :) I only speak from experience…

  5. peter says:

    Well, I’m sure we’re all happy to have that knowledge.

  6. scott says:

    congratulations peter!

  7. Deb (ex-"stalker-girl" :)) says:

    congratulations to both of you!!!!
    love the photos :)

  8. Dana Marie says:

    Hey, we were thinking of coming, even though we failed to receive an invite… got room for 5 more? We’ll dress up and not just wear our normal hick garb, honest. (P.S. Your bride is beautiful!)

  9. Atreyu says:

    Geez Ryan,

    I really don’t need to hear about your inadequacies.

    Now I’M going to feel Awkward the next time I see you two. Good thing I’ve been using this Alias, and you have no idea who this is.


  10. Thom says:

    I don’t know. It seems kind of lazy…you have two whole days to post yet.

    Uh, rather…congratulations.

  11. Mrs Q says:

    um…I told the cramers it was ok…as invited guests, we get one “guest pass”, right? We’ll be in and out lickety split, you won’t even notice us all.

    We’re all very excited to be a part of your and bridgette’s day!!

  12. Marty says:

    Congrats and best of luck!

  13. Uosdwis R. Jawoh says:

    Thanks a lot, Atreyu (Todd).
    I was using an alias too, and you just outed me!

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