Regular Posts Resume Tomorrow

I’m now sitting at my kitchen table listening to Christmas music and using the new laptop computer that my family gave to Bridgette and I as a wedding gift. I have the day off work, and will shortly be going out to use Target gift cards to pick up a few items for our apartment. I just made Bridgette a bowl of cereal and sat at the table with her eating Frosted Flakes. It’s a rainy Monday out there, but that doesn’t bother me today. Yes, I’m enjoying the back-end of a pretty amazing weekend.

Why was it so awesome? Because the Vikings beat the Cleveland Browns. And I got married.

But mostly the Vikings.

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6 Responses to Regular Posts Resume Tomorrow

  1. karlquick says:

    The day after our wedding Maren and I took our Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card to the stores and went on a shopping spree, and boy was it sweet!

    It felt like the Toys R Us shopping spree you always dream of as a kid.

  2. Kevin S. says:

    Yes. The Vikings looked beautiful yesterday.

  3. Tami says:

    I must say it was probably the best wedding I’ve ever been to…although now I’m deaf from the mike’s feedback and I didn’t get any chocolate cake. Peter, tell Bridgette to call me when the two of you are done with your alone time…I’m going through withdrawal!

  4. Atreyu says:

    Me too.

    Have Bridgette call me that is.

  5. Hey, this is good news.

    Mainly because, as a Bengals fan, I hate Cleveland.

    [But seriously … congratulations.]

  6. scott says:

    cool, congrats about the vikings man, that’d must have been life changing.

    and the wedding too i guess.

    bridgette doesn’t have to call me.

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