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A Sound Deduction

Well, it happened again. The fuel light on my car is on, and I’m almost out of gas. I feel completely helpless about the situation. I guess after work I’ll have to head out to the parking lot, destroy my … Continue reading

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I’m eating a cookie. Chocolate chip – my favorite! Yum, I can taste the chocolate now! It’s inside my mouth! Hmmmm… Nevermind all that. This cookie actually tastes like poop. Like the stinkiest poop in the world. Why did I … Continue reading

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Remember me? Please?

Last night I saw a commercial for a new MTV reality show that follows around veterans of other reality shows like “Survivor” and “The Real World” as they struggle to remain famous and recognized. I think we need to stop … Continue reading

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The Sting of Spring

My left hand is seriously messed up. I somehow must have injured myself, because I’ve got a sharp pain below my thumb when I use my thumb in certain positions or apply pressure to it in any way. Even typing … Continue reading

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Fast Food Farewell

So what’s the deal, are there no Hardees left anymore? Yesterday, as my wife and I were driving back from Rochester, she pointed out that the Hardees in Cannon Falls had closed. I wept vociferously as I began to recall … Continue reading

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Ever had the feeling that you were being followed? I haven’t. Ever had the feeling like a whole bunch of gorillas were about to jump out of the bushes and just beat the living hell out of you? Now that … Continue reading

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