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New Uniforms

So the Minnesota Vikings unveiled their new uniforms yesterday. My initial reaction was “When did Antoine Winfield sign with the Chargers?” Following that, I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my woodburning art. My ears again perked up when … Continue reading

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Loving Them The Only Way I Know How

I thought I’d take a moment today and recognize a few people from my blogroll and direct you to their fine sites, in my own special way. Adam’s (Ochuk’s) Blog: Adam’s a good guy, I suppose. I guess I have … Continue reading

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“These Are My Principles. If You Don’t Like Them, I Have Others.”

It has come to my attention that some of my most popular, widely-read recent posts have been my honest, accurate accounts of real-life painful situations that I have suffered through. From my botched honeymoon to the thank-you card debacle, it … Continue reading

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Just Run With It…

As time goes on, I continue to find more and more gray hairs peeking out amidst my otherwise luxurious mane of dark brown hair. For many, this might be an occasion to become anxious about mortality and the steady drumbeat … Continue reading

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I Hate Thank You Cards

Bridgette’s family is currently embroiled in what is becoming known as The Great Thank-You Fiasco. I would like to report on this episode to you as a cautionary tale on living in the Iron Range or having blood relatives. Bridgette … Continue reading

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Artistic Justice!

As reported in The Times (London) – October 27th, 2005: Performance artist Tomoko Takahashi, 39, working on a British government grant of the equivalent of about $8,600, gave an exhibition of inebriation in October in in Cardiff, Wales. Dressed in … Continue reading

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