Just Run With It…

As time goes on, I continue to find more and more gray hairs peeking out amidst my otherwise luxurious mane of dark brown hair.

For many, this might be an occasion to become anxious about mortality and the steady drumbeat of the aging process. I however, see it as both inevitable and appropriate.

Let me explain:
My Leige

Oh well. As TLC reminded us, don’t go chasing waterfalls!

I’m suddenly wondering if that song actually applies to this situation. I’ll be honest, I never listened very closely to the lyrics, I just assumed it was about my life in some way or another. Good video. Too bad about the one who died in a car accident in Honduras, but she always seemed kinda messed up to me anyway. Maybe the song was about her. Wait a minute, were they singing about waterfalls or water fowls? If that song is about geese then this changes everything…

In conclusion, do not pursue water fowl, and I am slowly going gray.

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2 Responses to Just Run With It…

  1. KG says:

    It’s weird. I never noticed the resemblance before. But now that I see JL’s picture…

  2. Sarah says:

    It took me a second to recognize good ol’ JL. I need to watch more Night Court reruns.

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