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The Park Central Hotel in New York Sucks Goblin Anus

Do you remember the hilarious tale of when the Park Central Hotel in New York ruined our honeymoon? Were you concerned because that there might never again be a post in which we detailed the exquisite misery caused by that … Continue reading

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Volleyball Tales

I love alienating new people. On Sunday, Bridgette and I went to a barbeque with our friend Brent and his small group from another church. We knew Brent and nobody else, which is always a bit odd and awkward, which … Continue reading

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Wolf Out, Wolf Up, Wolf It

My sister Julia alerted me to this very important offer now available on craigslist: The seller includes this note to go along with his wolftastic wares: It is of wolves, very nice, perfect condition. I also have a wolf touch … Continue reading

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Birthday Improvisations

It’s my wife’s birthday today! I’m in big trouble! Last year for Bridgette’s birthday, I proposed marriage. As birthday gifts go, it was a grand slam struck with such authority that the opposing pitcher cried out in shame and immediately … Continue reading

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Old Man Visa

Is there some way that I can be put in contact with a credit card company of some sort? I am interested in obtaining a credit card that will facilitate irresponsible spending and impulse purchases, but I cannot seem to … Continue reading

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Over the weekend, the Minnesota legislature approved the financing for a new Twins ballpark, as well as a football stadium for the Golden Gophers. In addition, they invited the Vikings to return next session with a plan for a new … Continue reading

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