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24-7 Empathy Servicing

Why are you so sad? I see that you are crying. Can I get you a Kleenex? I desire to console you in your moment of sorrow. I, too, have often felt emotional pain. I remember when my cat died, … Continue reading

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Miscellanious Sandwich

I just threw away what remained of the filthiest, most revolting sandwich I’ve ever tasted in my life. Between engagements, I stopped at a convenient nearby Subway and picked up a 6″ chicken parmesan sandwhich. I must have rubbed the … Continue reading

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Dawson Seizures

EMOTION!!! Sorry about that. I’ve just been watching Dawson’s Creek re-runs with my wife on weekday mornings. SUMMERTIME ROMANCE AND HEARTBREAK!!! ARRGGH! Let me tell you something about Dawson Leary – his season one haircut (quasi-mullet) is formidable and laden … Continue reading

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Rodger and Demetrius

The following is a spam email I received this morning: Demetrius said to me that you were stimulated in what I discovered earlier today. After floating around the net I came upon -Rodger Sounds like ol’ Rodger and Demetrius … Continue reading

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Summer Reading

One of the pleasures of being a history teacher is being able to assign myself some sweet summer reading. Here’s a rundown of what’s on my list: Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond A … Continue reading

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Entropy II

So many big name celebrities are doing voiceovers for commercials nowdays! Matt Dillon does the Pontiac ads, Gene Hackman narrates the Lowe’s spots, and Charlie Sheen reads for the Subaru commercials. Let’s not forget that Jon Lovitz has dragged Subway’s … Continue reading

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