Entropy II

So many big name celebrities are doing voiceovers for commercials nowdays!

Matt Dillon does the Pontiac ads, Gene Hackman narrates the Lowe’s spots, and Charlie Sheen reads for the Subaru commercials. Let’s not forget that Jon Lovitz has dragged Subway’s advertising to new depths and Catherine Zeta-Jones has apparently retired from actual acting to do T-Mobile commercials full time. Watching the ad breaks on television has become a veritable parade of the who’s who in Hollywood!

What’s next? Gary Sinise doing commercials for Apple Jacks? Wilford Brimley reading ads for Insane Mustachioed Man Aftershave? Barbara Bush becoming the spokewoman for Adidas? Who must I sent the telegram to in order to make this happen? Do people even send telegrams anymore? Is morse code still involved? But I don’t know morse code! Somebody, direct me please! I am paralyzed with inaction! I need my medication!! I am afraid!!

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5 Responses to Entropy II

  1. Chris says:

    Wilford Brimley is previously engaged doing the ads for Liberty Medical. “They can help you lead a better life.” I for one applaud Wilford for, first of all, seeing the lies behind the instant oatmeal industry and abandoning his job as spokesperson with them, and secondly, introducing a new way of pronouncing diabetes (now officially pronounced die-a-beat-us).

  2. kevin s. says:

    I, for one admired Phillip-Seymour Hoffman’s work for “Always” brand feminine napkins.

  3. peter says:

    One of the things I love about those Wilford Brimley ads is how pissed off he seems to be at the viewer. His tone is one of irritation and contempt.

  4. Sarah says:

    I for one prefer the psychotic look of the Menards guy.

  5. scott says:

    peter, i thought i was the only one who felt guilted into eating oatmeal. i refused out of spite, including a few outbursts at the television when he’d COMMAND ME to eat apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal. that old codger!


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