Rodger and Demetrius

The following is a spam email I received this morning:

Demetrius said to me that you were stimulated in what I discovered earlier today.

After floating around the net I came upon


Sounds like ol’ Rodger and Demetrius had a fine conversation. Let’s imagine it, shall we?

Rodger: Greetings, Demetrius!

Demetrius: Welcome, dear Rodger. I trust my manservant saw to your needs last evening.

Rodger: He did very well indeed. How is your cancer progressing?

Demetrius: Quite poorly. Say, I am reminded that I wanted to tell you something.

Rodger: Why go right ahead!

Demetrius: Peter Welle was stimulated in what you discovered earlier today.

Rodger: What, the discovery your manservant assisted me in?

Demetrius: Precisely.

Rodger: How would he even come to know of my discovery? My findings have not yet been published!

Demetrius: Do not be concerned. T’would be enough to send along some information to him through a disreputable website via unsolicited electronic mail.

Rodger: Good form, Demetrius! After tea, I will procede to float around the internet until the appropriate site is found and forwarded along to the young man.

Demetrius: Should I remove my shirt now?

Rodger: Indeed!

Thanks again for the help, boys!

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3 Responses to Rodger and Demetrius

  1. Roger says:

    What kind of a retard spells Roger with a ‘d’?

    These spammers make for some great posts, though:

  2. Timewalker says:

    Perhaps the “floating around the net” reference is about a fishing net that a fish,
    named Demetrius, got caught inside, but while floating around inside of it,
    he found a website… intriguing…

    Looks like spamming is hitting marine life… shucks, we’re doomed…

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