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Remorse From the Moment

So apparently my blog entry from yesterday made many of you uncomfortable with its unwelcomed intimacy. For that, I am truly sorry. I’m sorry I tried to express my warm regards to you in the only way I know how. … Continue reading

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The Moment is Now

Come and sit with me. I would like to speak with you. I want you to know that I find you an exceptionally good person. You are kind to others, and your grooming leaves no doubt as to the quality … Continue reading

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It’s the First Day of School!

Sing with me! “It’s the first day of school! Teacher’s gonna drool When he finally sees That I’m nobody’s fool!” “It’s the first day of school! Iron Maiden rules! Except their last six albums Which have been noticably subpar!” “It’s … Continue reading

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Grasping Nature’s Majesty!

I have something very important to share with all of you. Read those words and understand the truth. Truly, there is no greater way to comprehend the majesty of nature than to hold this knife with deer art on it. … Continue reading

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A few tidbits from an old asthma pamphlet I was given. -I love the depiction of the evil moon. In my opinion, we don’t see this sort of thing nearly enough. Why is the moon so hateful? I don’t know, … Continue reading

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Dr. Peter’s Science-ish Studies

Here is a summary of my most recent findings: If a pint-sized plastic bottle of chocolate milk is emptied, re-covered, and then placed in a hot car for 18 hours, many wonderful things will result from it. Most interestingly, if … Continue reading

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