A few tidbits from an old asthma pamphlet I was given.
This must be completely accurate...
Pure accuracy.

-I love the depiction of the evil moon. In my opinion, we don’t see this sort of thing nearly enough. Why is the moon so hateful? I don’t know, there’s no good reason, really. But one thing is certain, the moon hates you and wants to cut you with his lunar blade.

-Of all the emotions we experience, by far my favorite is coughing.

-What exactly is happening with the “Emotions” guy? Is he laughing too hard? Is he wearing footie pajamas with a necktie? Is he having some sort of tantrum? Why does he appear to have the snout of a lion? Is this the artist’s understanding of what a typical asthma sufferer looks like? I need explainations.

-My favorite tidbit from this pamphlet was the verbiage, “mucus accumulation”. Is that the same as mucus hoarding? Or mucus selfishness in general? Obviously, if more people just used and shared their own mucus appropriately, we wouldn’t have to worry about being hunted for sport by the Evil Moon.

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3 Responses to Asthmafactors

  1. Adam says:

    Laughed for a minute straight reading this. Best of JLP for sure.

  2. Sarah says:

    Footie PJs with neckties are in this season. Where have you been?

    As an asthma sufferer, if that evil moon comes after me, I’ll cut him with my cheese slicer and eat him for breakfast with my scrambled bald eagle eggs.

  3. Thom says:

    If you could not provide your own light and everyone loved the sun more than you, you would be a bitter, hateful piece of skyrock to.

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