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Sweet Swingin’ Joe!

The Baby Jesus has done it again! Joe Mauer hit a home run with two outs in the bottom of the 9th to send the game into extra innings! YES!!! HE IS FROM ST. PAUL!!!!! 5-TOOL CATCHER!!!!! 5-TOOOOOOOOOOOOLLS!!!! Although he … Continue reading

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I Love ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’

Have you heard anything about these guys, the Beatles? Apparently they’re a rock band of some repute. The blogosphere is atwitter with the latest buzz about them. They’re supposed to be really good. They have two lead singers – Paul … Continue reading

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Ignoring Dusty’s Heed

Shhhhhh…I know a secret! It is a delicious secret – one that others are dying to know! I am keeping it deep within my noggin for safekeeping. Nothing you can say or do could get me to tell you my … Continue reading

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Misguided Enthusiasm, part IX

Who here loves the Periodic Table of the Elements? What’s the deal? Why aren’t all of you super into the elements of our universe? Think about it – thallium, carbon, and cobalt, how awesome are those? I’d argue that they’re … Continue reading

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When You Get the Chance to Sit It Out…

Bad news: this weekend I had to go to a wedding. Good news: the service was sublime in its overwhelming awkwardness. I don’t really know how to begin to describe the strangeness of this particular ceremony. Suffice to say, the … Continue reading

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I Have No Idea What This Is

It’s all dark and moist outside this morning, like being inside the mouth of a giant. As the rain drizzles down, the experience is initially comforting and womb-like. However, after a few moments it is as if I can feel … Continue reading

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