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Glad Tidings for All

Merry Halloween, everybody! Tonight, we celebrate the festival of the haunted and the damned! We will plunge our knives into pumpkins and adorn them with visages of howls and demonic laughter. Groups of children will wander the streets aimlessly, dressed … Continue reading

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The Da Veggie Code

New Rock TV! A few months back, Adam joined the Rock TV ministry as a writer. Soon after, he tossed out an idea to do a parody of the Da Vinci Code using the dippy mural at the school the … Continue reading

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Every morning I wrangle with this one stupid eyelash I have that won’t cooperate and get in line with all the other obedient eyelashes. If only my eyelashes weren’t so long and lustrous! I’m telling you, if I had dull, … Continue reading

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The Lingering Cold

This stupid cold just won’t go away! Two weekends ago, it started as a sore throat. Last week, it bloomed into full-bodied pain and a lost voice. By the weekend, my voice was returning, but almost a full octave lower, … Continue reading

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Iron Range VD

My sister-in-law is a surgical technician in Virginia, MN, and yesterday she told me a very humorous true story from the delivery room. A couple were in for the birth of their first child. The doctor and the nurses quickly … Continue reading

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Yet Another Missed Opportunity

This weekend, Bridgette and I were walking in Uptown, looking for a place to eat. As we passed a coffee shop, I spotted a group of unshaven, 30-something hipsters sitting around a table near the window. There was something familiar … Continue reading

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