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Great Moments in Embarrassment History

At what point in my life am I going to stop embarrassing myself? As a child, there’s always an excuse for making an utter mockery of oneself. Puked during class? Farted in front of a girl you like? Ah, you’re … Continue reading

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Three Wildly Different Body Paragraphs and a Brief Conclusion

Why am I so tired this week? What did you do to me? I’m telling you, if I had a pillow with me right now, I could set it atop my desk and I’d be asleep in less than two … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Beauty and the Inexorable Passage of Time

Last night, as I graded exams I popped in one of my favorite Marx Bros. films, A Day at the Races. When you’ve seen a movie like that as many times as I have, you have time to pause and … Continue reading

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A Dispassionate Recap

HEY!! Sorry, I guess I’m still a little energized from my weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to control all my impulses. YULETIME CHEER! BOOOM!! This weekend was a celebration of Thanksgiving and my one-year anniversary with Bridgette. We spent our time … Continue reading

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A Filthy Bucket of Gravy

This will be my final transmission to you this week. Soon, my beloved and I will descend into the nether-regions of Rochester for a familial gathering of gluttony and troll-feasts. We will greet each other with hugs and pleasantries before … Continue reading

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Give It Up, Kay

You know, I’ve put up with this for a long time, and it’s finally gotten to the point where I need to make an issue out of it. Every kiss does NOT begin with Kay [Jewelers]. I mean seriously, how … Continue reading

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