The Rock TV Christmas Special

Another brand new Rock TV!

Our ministry made a decision in late November to try to rush out a Christmas special, modeled after Bing Crosby’s old specials in the 50’s and 60’s. We managed to put this one together in three and a half weeks, which is a modern era record for us. The hope was that this video could be a fun, goofy celebration that allowed us to incorporate a few characters from old videos we enjoyed. In the end, I think the video works in a number of areas (especially when Kevin and Ted improvise their way through the songs), and not as well in other areas. I guess that’s what happens when you rush production. Fortunately, it was never stressful to make, and the shoot was both short (4 hours) and filled with a lot of laughter.
Our massive set

This version restores an appearance by Pastortron 9000 that was cut from the version that played at the Rock, along with a few other changes you may or may not notice.

This really should have been a scene...

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6 Responses to The Rock TV Christmas Special

  1. B-Dub says:

    What would happen if Count Awkward actually bit someone? Has he ever? I think you might turn gay…or if you’re gay…straight.

  2. _steve says:

    Count Awkward biting someone would do NOTHING to them except injure them in normal bite fashion. That person’s response would be, of course, “OUCH! Why did you bite me?!?!?” to which Count Awkward would say nothing and just stand there, creating yet another awkward moment.

  3. Peter says:

    This is an interesting conundrum.

    I think Steve is closer to the truth, but I also think my brother might be on to something. If anything, I think a bite from Count Awkward would make people quietly wonder whether you’re gay or not.

  4. Sarah says:

    This version was better than the version played at The Rock. Loved the Christmas themed sweaters, and Ted’s hat.

  5. peter says:

    We shortened it up for the Rock audience, figuring the last thing everybody needs is more of Kevin’s mustache.

  6. Sarah says:

    We need another Count Awkward show. I think that’s one of Leroy’s best characters. It might be fun to see him have a Halloween special that invoves bobbing for apples or something awkward like dentures.

    He could also have a summer BBQ at a park and use other peoples’ grills….the awkwardness potential is huge.

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