More Sun Hatred

One of the enjoyable aspects of writing this blog is how it is somehow able to draw the strangest people out of the cracks and into the cruel line of my gaze.

A few years back, I wrote an odd little entry about how much I hate the sun. I remember feeling satisfied with it at the time, and it inspired a theme for this blog that I loved, with a man firing a rifle into the sun.

On Christmas day, 31 months after the entry was posted, a girl named Sarah Head posted the following comment:

i HATE the sun so much i try to aviod it all the time,i hate to be tan i love white beautiful skin i use a unbrella when i go out in the sun!!! i hate the sun with passion!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE IT I HATE IT.I NEED TO BE A VAMPIRE!!!!SO I CAN NEVER GO OUT IN THE SUN!!!!!!!!

Yes. Good.

And to all, a good night!

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3 Responses to More Sun Hatred

  1. Adam Sandler says:

    The night time is the right time.

  2. Peter says:

    I guess.

    I read her comment again, and I think by far the most troubling part is her urgent assertion, “I NEED TO BE A VAMPIRE!!!”

    This isn’t a “wouldn’t it be fun if…” or a “I wonder what it would be like if…” kind of deal. This is a pressing need to this girl.


  3. karlquick says:

    average joe’s comment on Sept 22nd of this year is pretty incredible too. How did people find this post years later? Were they googling “i hate the sun” or something?

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