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WWJD Christian Radio

Hot off the editing computer, a brand new Rock TV! This video was the result of a unique challenge to the writing team. We wanted to create a video that pointedly took on some of the alienating or obnoxious elements … Continue reading

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One of my students died last night. Willem was an 18 year old kid who was unfailingly polite with a moppy blond afro that belied his brave, goofy spirit. He died from an accident in his home. It wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Dude Does Deer

This story from the Star Tribune brought me great pleasure last week: Repeat Offender Given Probation For Sex With Deer Associated Press SUPERIOR, WIS. – A 20-year-old Superior man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with … Continue reading

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The Blackness

Last night, Bridgette made a very foolish decision, and one she will live to regret. She flipped on a light switch. At that fateful moment, the light in our entryway briefly dimmed before going dark altogether. We soon realized that … Continue reading

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Let us celebrate! Sarsparillas for everybody! I have ordered my strongest manservants to take the fatted goat and rip it in half, that we might feast upon it tonight. Come my friends! We will eagerly dine on goat-flesh and sarsparilla … Continue reading

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Kind Birthday Tidings

At this time, the John Larroquette Project would like to pass along congratulations to my sister’s boyfriend Matthew, who turns 30 tomorrow. Here is a picture of him that Julia passed along: Hmmm… That isn’t the best picture, is it? … Continue reading

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