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This is my last post of May, 2007. What a waste. I feel like I really squandered this month of blogging. I didn’t bear in mind that ownership of the JLP is a privilege, not a right. As such, I … Continue reading

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The North American Geek

I love all of you. As a display of my affection, please watch this brand new Rock TV. This was one of those videos that I didn’t feel particularly confident in until fairly late in the process. Throughout the writing … Continue reading

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Machiavellian Catschemes

The following conversation took place last night as I stared down our cat while holding a hammer. BRIDGETTE: (annoyed) Peter, what are you doing? ME: I’m showing Franklin who’s in charge. BRIDGETTE: Well I’m in charge, and I forbid you … Continue reading

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Completely Normal Communication

I have not received any emails yet today. Nobody has called me. I am lonely! Please contact me and tell me about yourself. I am looking for a kind, open friendship. I enjoy laughter! I am specifically looking to make … Continue reading

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PC Police, At It Again

This Friday is my school’s field day, where we cancel classes for the afternoon and go outside to have fun with our students as a school. It’s normally a good opportunity for goofy bonding and it’s always a pleasure to … Continue reading

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A Cupcake and an Alienating Stream of Consciousness

I brought a cupcake to work with me to have as a snack today. I was thinking of eating it around 10:15 or so. What do you think? Should I do it? What would you give me if I ate … Continue reading

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