The North American Geek

I love all of you. As a display of my affection, please watch this brand new Rock TV.

This was one of those videos that I didn’t feel particularly confident in until fairly late in the process. Throughout the writing stage it seemed a bit scattered to me, and when we shot it, I remember feeling like we were fighting for laughs. However, it was always clear the the other people on the team were really behind it, and the early feedback we got was positive. Once we were editing, the video seemed to gel and I could relax knowing that the laughs were there. My instincts were further proved wrong when it went over very well at the Rock on Friday. Much credit for that should go to Ted for the hunter scenes he carried. Just really funny stuff, in my opinion.


The concept was pitched by Thom and Ted, and if I remember correctly, it originally had a lot more to do with the geek/nerd differentiation that we kinda breeze through in the final version of the video. We shot a whole segment about the public confusion between geeks and nerds, with a bunch of fun pedestrian interviews that may never see the light of day.


Favorite bits of this video for me:
-grabbing the National Geographic theme from an old junior high geography video
-Leroy’s “World of Warcraft” bit, which was improvised
-Ted “feeding” Leroy at the end

This version of the video is slightly different than the one that played at the Rock. It has an extra 15 second scene that we liked, but we cut for time considerations.


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2 Responses to The North American Geek

  1. scott says:

    i’m so using “yahtzee” as a form of exclamation of joy, i hope you don’t mind.

    of course, i loved it sir. very fine job. Rock TV is huge in the south! my favorite parts were the chasing of the geek by the jocks and the look you gave the camera as Leroy was explaining world of warcraft. Ted did an excellent job as the geek hunter too.

  2. peter says:

    Thank you, Scott, and we will continue to count on our base of support in the Mississippi delta region.

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