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Poor Husbandship

Actual events from this morning: WIFE: Peter, can you give Franklin more water before you go? HUSBAND: Sure. *HUSBAND stands carefully above Franklin’s water dish, spits into it, and walks away.* WIFE: Peter! Once again, my marital instincts have failed … Continue reading

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Summertime Update

Before any of you slack-jawed dullards complains to me about my irregular posting, I’d like to fill you in with a few details on my life at the moment: -I am hard at work on a research project that will … Continue reading

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Franklin’s Pain

This morning I took our beloved Ben Franklin in to the animal hospital to be declawed. He meowed sadly the whole way there, as if he already knew that his precious talons were about to be torn asunder. I feel … Continue reading

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Booming Bronco

After a hectic week, I’ve got a big weekend in front of me. Tomorrow, we’re shooting a new Rock TV (the concept: breaking the bones of toddlers). After that, I’ve got to hurry home to meet up with my wife … Continue reading

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Good Times & Pumpkin Pie!

In November, 2004, my friend Jon Gilmore and I released an acoustic EP called “Good Times & Pumpkin Pie”. I’m as proud of it as I am of anything creative I’ve ever done. It was catchy and strange, in some … Continue reading

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Parades & Violence

Sorry for the inconsistant posting. My summer travels will lead me to and fro like a dragon on meth. As such, I won’t always have the time, opportunity, or mental capacity to fire out the blog entries you so cravenly … Continue reading

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