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Oscar’s Fraud

A memo to the Oscar, the cat making headlines by predicting which nursing home patients are about to die: Hey buddy, predicting imminent death in a nursing home is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you really want to … Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Pastor

Come my children, and nuzzle in the warmth of another new Rock TV. Initially I was a bit uncomfortable with the concept of this video because I didn’t want it to become a satire on pastors themselves. What made it … Continue reading

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Fun With Google Image Search

Here’s what popped up when I did a Google image search for “troll rape”: Wow. That’s nightmarish. Imagine that fellow having his way with you, huh? I guess if there’s a plus side to it, he’d definitely stick out in … Continue reading

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An Ely Encounter

On Saturday, I spent my birthday with my wife’s family in the fine northern town of Ely, MN. We looked through quaint antique shops, saw tourists from many parts of the country, and drove around some beautiful lake country. In … Continue reading

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Another Fig Seduction

Over the weekend, as Bridgette and I were preparing to have guests over to our house, we made our way over to Aldi to get some sodapops and snacky crisps. Midway down the cookie aisle, I noticed a strange feeling … Continue reading

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Scamming Caribou

I am writing this from the parking lot of a Caribou Coffee in order to use their free wi-fi. This way I do not have to purchase a beverage! Sweet, free wireless connection! So precious in your speed and lack … Continue reading

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