An Ely Encounter

On Saturday, I spent my birthday with my wife’s family in the fine northern town of Ely, MN. We looked through quaint antique shops, saw tourists from many parts of the country, and drove around some beautiful lake country. In other words, a whole afternoon of pure, unfiltered donkey excrement.

On the plus side, while walking out of a cheap Italian restaurant, I did pass by Will Steger.

That seemed about right since basically the only thing I knew about Ely was that that’s where Will Steger is from.

At any rate, I nodded to him warmly, and he firmly palmed my buttocks in return. His cheeks were rugged and stubbly, and his breath was warm and fragrant. As Bridgette looked on fondly, I hesitantly pulled away from Steger’s tender embrace. At that brief moment, he whispered something beautiful into my ear and disappeared into the diner as quickly as he had appeared.

Then we went to Dairy Queen.

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13 Responses to An Ely Encounter

  1. Thom says:

    Yup. That sounds like Will alright.

  2. Sarah says:

    What would have made it better is if he went riding into the diner on his dogsled.

  3. kevin s. says:

    Will Steger looks like a young Mr. Tickles.

  4. tim hopps says:

    who’s Will Steger? i’d have been more excited to meet television’s Alan Thicke.

  5. Adam says:

    Well of course you would, dummy, everyone would be more excited about meeting television’s Alan Thicke! Compared to that, Will Steger is piece of crap shat on the sidewalk.

  6. tim hopps says:

    for addressing me as “dummy” i challenge you to a badmitton duel on saturday if you dare to show up! or a hotdog eating contest, whichever you prefer.

  7. tim hopps says:

    and i still don’t know who Will Steger is. distant relative of Rod Steiger? Bob Seger? or… Dr. Jason Seaver from Growing Pains who was played by none other than television’s Alan Thicke…. omigosh, this is getting scary!!

  8. peter says:

    Given their behaviors, I wouldn’t be suprised if Steger and Mr. Tickles were related.

    And Tom, I included a handy Wikipedia link for you in the post if you remain curious.

  9. Adam says:

    Tim Hopps,

    I will take your sorry ass down on the badmitton court! I am super competitive! PASS THE SHUTLECOCK! PASS THE SHUTLECOCK!!

  10. Ted says:

    From the cheap Italian-ish restaurant directly to the Dairy Queen… Yep. That about sums up small town life.

  11. Adam says:

    Or inner-city Minneapolis life…

  12. Sarah says:

    “Pass the shuttlecock!”
    For some reason that ran thru my head yesterday even before I read the comment.

    I think the 4th of July Rock TV has to be one of my all-time favorites. I remember playing a game with non-Rockers last sumer where we went around the circle and had to say a famous person’s name with the initials we were given. I had B.F. and I immediately said Buster Fonz (not remembering at the time where I’d heard the name but was sure the person was famous). My friends looked at me dumbfounded and I couldn’t believe they’d never heard the name before.

    Good times! ….but I digress.

  13. kevin s. says:

    You know, if someone were really into badminton, why would they ask you to pass the shuttlecock? That is a flagrant violation of the rules.

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